JetBlue Airbus A320 "Tartan" livery

Does anyone else think all the various jetBlue liveries should be included?


Yes! I definitely agree. I like the way jetBlue aircraft look.

They would look really nice in IF

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This is a link to jetBlue’s fleet

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Also. does anyone know what the new jetBlue livery is? Its like barcode but green instead of orange?

The A321 livery

No it’s on the A320

That doesn’t exist then.

I know the cubism livery is on the A321, but theres a new livery for the A320 that almost looks like holiday wrapping paper.

Please create separate topics for these :-)


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Thats the one I meant

I don’t agree

Moved to features.

By the rules, You’re allowed to request only one thing per separate topic.

For example, “Jetblue a321” ( such topic already exists, so don’t make such topic please) ; or “Jetblue a320 XXX Tail Design”
So you should be specific.


EDIT: Fixed topic title for you, the link you provided says about “Tartan” livery
( somehow i predicted it would be Tartan 😅)


I tried my best with this topic, but I sadly can’t edit or delete posts.

Could you please fix the very first post and get rid of that long link(maybe replace with an image) ? 😊

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I can’t believe I didn’t actually look at the article and see what is was called…