JetBlue Airbus A320 ~ I Love Blue York

jetBlue - A320 [I ❤ Blue York Livery

Photo Credit: Pablo Andrés Ortega Ch.

jetBlue Airlines:

image (IATA: B6 - IACO: JBU) - jetBlue Airlines

jetBlue Airlines is an American low cost airline that was founded in 1998. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines. jetBlue provides scheduled service to over 100 destinations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

I ❤ Blue York Livery - N586JB:

The freshly painted Airbus A320 jet (N586JB) was revealed to hundreds of crew members at jetBlue Airways’ home base at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in 2011 to commemorate delivering the “Best Value and Service in the Skies across the Empire State”.

This livery co-branded the New York State’s “I Love New York” tourism campaign and logo in part with Empire State Development Corporation to make it its own. In Blue Form!

My Opinion:

This livery has to be one of my top three favorite liveries, or even top two! I would love to see this in Infinite Flight. It would be awesome to have this flying around NYC!

Would You Like To See This Livery Added Into Infinite Flight?

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Definitely would love to have this in the game.


Yes! Infinite Flight definitely needs more jetblue liveries since the only ones are the a321 and an outdated a320!

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We also have an E190, but I agree, we do need more liveries like the vast variety of liveries Frontier has.


Yes you are correct I almost forgot about it.

Thank you!! This request has been edited and remade!

@Eighty here’s another one for your VA…


I flew on this birdy before, so I absolutely would love to fly it on IF. You have my vote.


Looks like this post isn’t getting more votes. Sadly

Thank you, this aircraft looks great. Looking bad though as of now

Don’t worry, the more I Picture it, it would look cool flying around LaGuardia in! You have earned a vote 😜

Thank you so much! I have always loved this livery just because it supported my hometown as well as the airline

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the livery’s simple, yet beautiful, it should get more votes, bumping it :)

This feature request might not meet the community guidelines anymore unfortunately

it does meet them. this is NOT a special livery, since jetblue does not have special liveries at all, it has many liveries, and there is actually a rule that permits it.

Alright. JetBlue does say on their website that it’s a special livery 🤷

oh well, we have a jetblue special livery on the E190, anyway if it cant be done then it cant be done, thats it