JetBlue | Airbus A220-300 | MUHA - KMIA

Hello everyone!

Here are some beautiful screenshots I took while flying from Jose Marti International (MUHA) to Miami International (KMIA)!

Flight Information:

Route: MUHA - KMIA
Flight time: 46 Minutes
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Livery: JetBlue
Cruise altitude: 32,000 feet
Cruise speed: M 0.80

Enjoy the photos!

Loading up passengers and cargo.

Lifting off, the sun setting behind us.

Climbing to cruise against a sienna sky.

Passing by Key West Intl

Downwind of our landing runway, 27.

If you guys saw my last topic, a picture wouldn’t upload, no matter what I tried. Guess what,it happened in this topic too! Had a nice final approach image, and it won’t upload. Thank you very much, images.

Touching down with the last traces of dusk disappearing.

Had a nice passenger landing shot, that image doesn’t upload either. Another big shout out to Mr. Images.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, even if a few were missing!

Beautiful Photos 👏

These were awesome!

Really great photos! Love the route!

Nice shots!