JetBlue Adds More Routes!

JetBlue new routes for the summer of 2020! 3 routes from JFK and 1 from BOS!

Some unique routes from JetBlue as it enters in 25th country! πŸ‘

  • Guatemala City from JFK
  • Bozeman from JFK & BOS
  • Nashville from JFK


JetBlue has more to come for routes! London is next for JetBlue!


Leave your thoughts below! πŸ‘‡


My question is why are some many airlines going to Bozeman. What’s there that makes it so attractive for a flight from Boston.

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JetBlue has also cut all Oakland flights, as well as San Jose and Sacramento to Long Beach, just to add these routes 😬

Ever tried to ski in downtown Boston?


2020 BZN Additions:

  • American will be adding New York LGA and Philadelphia to Bozeman
  • Allegiant Nashville to Bozeman
  • Sun Country Minneapolis to Bozeman
  • JetBlue BOS/JFK

These airlines can connect passengers through their hubs. Bozeman (especially Northern U.S. such as Kalispell) are in high-demand during the summer as the mountains and lakes there are pretty beautiful.

Bet you the routes to BZN are going to be seasonal during summer only

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I am so happy to see my home airport getting so many new routes! As it is in fairly central Montana, is right next to Yellowstone national park, and is close to many businesses and tourist attractions, it defiantly has the demand.

The BZN-BOS route is is great for me because I have family in Boston. Now it’s just one flight away!

As with most seasonal routes out of BZN, we will get them between June and September as well as December through March.

Montana has high demand in the winter as well. We have quite a few top notch ski resorts.


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