JetBlue a321 from JFK-LHR

Was just wondering if by any chance the guy who flew behind me and then parked next to me will see this. I was flying JFK-LHR as AA100 a Boeing 777-300ER, just 20 minutes behind me the whole way was a JetBlue a321. I thought that it was cool we both kinda flew together and would like to ask a couple of questions regarding the crossing in an a321! Let me know if that was you!


Looks like they do not have an IFC account, I wish you luck in trying to find this person!

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Haha thank you man!

i bet he was sweating the whole flight while thinking β€œdo i really have enough fuel? can i make it?”

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You guys really dont know about the a321 LHR ? It will replace the 757! πŸ˜‚


In all fairness its going to be A321LR (or XLR? - can’t remember) making the JFK-LHR trips, whereas we have the standard range version in Infinite Flight - still it has nearly 9 hours of fuel capacity - more than enough.

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