Jetblue A320 "Tartan" livery

Jetblue A320 Tartan livery
What is Jetblue?
JetBlue is a low cost Airline that is based in New York City. With its major hub in John F. Kennedy International Airport and focus Airports in Boston Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Long Beach Airport, and Orlando International Airport. It has over 100 destinations, and continues to grow bigger

Why Tartan?
It is one of the newest and in my opinion the most good looking livery out there.It looms great on any runway when taking off or landing.I usually see the Tartan livery more often than any other livery.Tartan is lne of the many plaid liveries that fit right in to the Jetblue A320.

Why are the words so big?

The ones in bold?

No, all of them.

This is what I see:

No idea why

Put </ small> after the < small> and the title.

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Just flew on one of these yesterday 🙂

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So cool.Like how I said they are used very often


tiny bump

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