JetBlue a320 suffers cockpit window crack

Check this out:

2 cracked windows in the past two weeks. Jeez.


Its almost like they need to make these windows with different layers.

Yes I know they are layered. I had to put this because sarcasm didnt come across.


Yes exactly Chris. I was thinking of multi-layered windows myself the other day…

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I’m pretty sure they do. I know that they do with the passenger windows, but I don’t know about the cockpit windows?


In the video on the article the FA or Pilot hard to tell says there are “Multiple, Multiple layers…” so I would trust that…

OOf these windows needs extra protection


N534JB is only 16 years old, which is not that old for a plane.

Which side of the window was broken? The captain side of the co-pilot side?


Onions have layers, ogres have layers, plane windows have layers! 2018, not looking all that great so far, let’s bring this up. Was it a bird strike? A320s and birds, man.

Probably the air pressure outside the plane or the quality of the window itself. I don’t think birds can fly at FL320. XD


Oh, this happened at cruising? I thought that it happened at climb. Guess birds don’t hate A320s as much as we thought xD


Birds only hate A340s, mainly because they keep running into the back of them. 😉

There are a few that can, although they’re highly unlikely to hit any planes. See here

EDIT: Here’s a list of high-altitude bird strikes.


I checked the website and it looks like only the common crane can fly higher than FL320

But you are being off-topic.

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Wait there’s a bird that can reach 32,000 ft!

Well I put it here because I didn’t think a topic would need to be created for that! I know I’m off topic, I said it myself, rude rude rude,but your Welcome.

I just made an edit with a stackexchange list of planes that have had bird strikes at high altitudes, and there are a couple more there.


16 year old is not young for a plane.

To me it is XD

I don’t call planes “old” unless they are 25 years or older

Considering that the C130 plane that crashed recently was approaching 60, wouldn’t exactly call this plane old ;)

This plane is certainly not old. I fly a C150 that is about 50 years old, and it’s still works perfectly fine, I doubt its an age issue.

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No they still hate A320’s a lot