jetBlue A320 “New York International RetroJet Livery”

The jetBlue Airbus A320 “retrojet” livery would be a perfect fit for IF and heres a little bit of reasons why…

On IF their isnt really any lots of jetBlue livery’s on aircraft for example, the A320 on IF has the old 2000’s livery

Can’t ya’ agree it looks so nice?

I agree in my opinion that it’ll be used mostly…
since it’s a rare livery

And that right there, is my reasons why…

*heres a photo of the aircraft in its livery.
JetBlue%20retrojet credits to insidehook

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Okay then.

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JetBlue Airbus A320 (New York International Livery)

This guy just flew into Long Beach a few hours ago. It was stunning.

This livery is amazing. But first I think we need more other’s airlines liveries

Jetblue’s great and I would love to see this in the next update!

Unfortunately… no more votes.

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Hello everyone, please don’t reply to this as this is request is scrapped and I will be making a new one.