Jetblue A320- N821JB, Barcode & Winglets

There was a previous topic for the barcode livery with winglets Here, however it was closed a while ago. Note that this is not a special livery, and it can be found on many JetBlue aircraft. While yes, JetBlue already has a new livery in the sim, I dream of the day JetBlue aircraft will have as many liveries as frontier in the sim. The livery is only half the reason I want this aircraft. I’d also love this aircraft as we have no JetBlue a320s with winglets in the sim. I hope y’all can agree with me that we need more JetBlue liveries :)


Got this photo of it the other day!


VOTED WE NEED THIS. yea I like that


My favorite JetBlue livery on the A320


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Bump time!! We need more jetblue liveries, especially one with winglets!

Im not exactly sure but wont this livery soon cease to exist on the a320 fleet for Jetblue. They have been replacing this livery with the new shantay livery. Most of these liveries are now on the e190s which will soon all be replaced by the a220

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The JetBlue liveries are eventually going to be painted over by the newer MoMint livery that is being used on the 321N as of now.

The E190’s are being phased out, but they are having issues with the PW engines on the 220’s and 321’s so they are not quite accelerating that plan as of yet.

As for now, this livery will not come in on the 320. Would love to see the What’s Old is Blue Again with the retro design. But I am happy with what they have for now.


JetBlue has officially painted N821JB into the new Spotlight livery so I guess that consequently kills this feature request.

I do have to say that before the new Spotlight livery was a thing, this livery was my favorite. I had a model plane in this exact livery one time back when I flew on JetBlue for the first time several years ago. It’s certainly a classic livery for JetBlue

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this was the plane that flew me out of Florida during a hurricane, literally lol
I am oddly very sad to see it go. As you prob saw above I was able to get this photo of her :(

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I’ll ask if this should be closed since it’s technically now a former livery

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Has been repainted