Jetblue A320 | KJFK-TNCM | JBU666

Training Server
Flight time: 3h 59mins (3h 47mins on logbook)
A/C: Airbus A320,Jetblue livery

At the JFK Terminal loading passengers (Just assume that we have jetbridges in IF)

Moonshot takeoff

View of the sunrise from afar

Landing at TNCM (Almost buttered the bread)

Landing view from a passenger

Parking at the gate as we disembark the passengers (Just assume again that we have jetbridges on IF)

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Nice photos, love the third one 😍. Some really unique angles there, keep it up.

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Wow! we have a debate of the moonshot and the sunrise shot!

Nice pictures!

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The third one is incredible!

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The moonshot is so AWESOME!

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Wow, the third one is amazing!

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