JetBlue A320 Flight Review | First Flight Since The Pandemic

A couple of weeks ago, I took my first flight since the start of the pandemic. I had a very positive experience with my favorite airline, so come along with me on this flight from Newark to Fort Lauderdale on jetBlue Airways Airbus 320! Today my seat was 11F, and exit row seat with a great window views. The flight also contains live ATC! Enjoy!


I also want to mention here that JetBlue has 32-33 inches of legroom in general seats, which is the best of any US airline. However, I was sitting in an exit row so the legroom shown is not accurate to what you will get in a standard economy seat

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My specialty 🤷‍♂️. Ask @ToasterStroodie

11:38 woman won’t wear the mask over her nose and it’s irritating me

Great video, top-notch quality, watched all the way through!

Southwest that does the same

All seriousness, good review Zac!

Beautiful review! The only thing I would have left in is the engine spool-up on takeoff 😃.

My camera cut out at the start of the takeoff roll 🥺

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Southwest has 31-32, JetBlue has 32-33


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