*jetBlue A220* Boston Logan to A Foggy and busy Toronto!

Hey guys! First post in a while have been quite busy over the last few weeks but I’m back with another Screenshot showcase!
I have other flights that i will post over the next few weeks but for now this is my flight from Boston Logan to Toronto. A nice hour and a half hop with a real butter landing on R6R!

Flight info:
Aircraft: A220
Airline: jetBlue
Cruising Altitude: FL340
Mach: 0.80
Landing v/s: -83FT/M

Boogie Woogie Bluegle Boy at stand in Boston

Take-Off on 4R with Boston Logan tower behind!

Cruising over New York State

Landing 6R with departing Aircraft holding short 6L

Wing view with reverse trust and @iLexxis in a 787 Blasting out of Toronto!

At Gate in Toronto.

Just to prove i butter the bread;)

Enjoy the pictures guys!

  • 1st pic
  • 2nd pic
  • 3rd pic
  • 4th pic
  • 5th pic
  • 6th pic

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