JetBlue A220-300 Livery

JetBlue A220

Last month, jetBlue upped there order of A220s to 60. Now, I will make a request!

About JetBlue

> Why we NEED this livery:

As jetBlue continue to grows as an airline, they are continuing to grow their fleet.
Not many aircraft in Infinite Flight provide the livery, since jetBlue has a streamlined fleet.
JetBlue mainly operates the A320 and A321, and Embraers. This aircraft will continue to replace their aging Embraer aircraft.

> When to implement:
Obviously, the A220 hasn’t been released yet on Infinite Flight, nor do when know when, and if they will add it anytime soon, but, whenever they’re ready to add this aircraft, I hope they consider this livery during the development of the A220.

Vote for the A220 here: Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220

Make sure to vote for this livery if you want it when this aircraft could be implemented.
Thanks for reading this request, and make sure to vote!


I would love to see this added with the aircraft


I plan on voting, but I want to see how it looks on the actually aircraft first


This would be such a nice and an amazing aircraft and livery to have and see.

Let’s get some votes in!


look at that cutie!

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I mean lets be honest. If they ever decide to add the a220, there’s a 99% chance of them including it as JetBlue is one of it’s biggest operators.


thats a good fax there

I frickin’ love the engine cowlings 😩

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