JetBlue (10th anniversary) livery A320

Jetblue always have a way of putting colour and creation into their liveries:) i want this livery just because it stands out and you wouldnt really know its JetBlue until you see the name and then youll be like “oh thats jetblue!!” I think this livery deserves to be in the game especially since frontier has like 7

Could you give a bit more description about this livery? Like why you want this.

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Theres not much information about the livery itself its just a livery that marks the “10th annivesary” even jetblues website has a “cheers to 10yrs” description

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You know, with all their creative tail designs, I think JetBlue deserves as much liveries as what Frontier has in the sim.

Be sure to give more information on this livery please! ;)


Yeah, I agree. There are so many nice liveries Jetblue have like this one.

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Exactly what i was thinking i reckon jetblue has a better variety than frontier because well its just different animals on their planes 😂

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Yeah, why so much Frontier? JetBlue has so many more unique liveries!


I think @Eighty would vote for this…
I did too

@Delta319 This request has my full support! There’s so many JetBlue liveries and JetBlue livery requests though that my votes would be used up quick.

100% agree.

I have sent the livery designer @Ryan_Vince a few vector files for JetBlue designs, specifically the tartan and the highrise. So hopefully those can be included in a future update! No pressure Ryan, but just want to show there is a lot of support for more and updated JetBlue liveries in Infinite Flight.


Exactly! Frontier is all the same just with different animals, if you want to see them then go to the zoo! JetBlue has a lot of cool special liveries I’m like this one, binary, Red Sox, Jets, etc.


Thank you! No offense, but the devs are being Airlinist!

And Barcode, Tartan, Inspiring Bluemanity, etc!


And Blueprint, fdny, and vets!!!:)

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That looks really good! Agreed though, I dislike Frontier compared to jetBlue, and would actually use the jetBlue liveries unlike Frontier’s

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