JetBlast? Hidden Feature?

Was I the only one that noticed they added jetblast i just found out now that adds a little bit mode realism to the game great job!

here’s the video watch for yourself ;


mmm there’s no jetblast. They would announce it. It’s probably winds or something. Also nice “link”

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sorry try again :)

My question is, why is there a 772 at Lukla?


haha casual server for you 😂

ok that’s actually interesting now that i can see the video, however the jetblast from something that big should be way worst. Maybe a staff can say


Unless we get a confirmation from a dev, I’m not believing it.

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Hmm this is interesting. If this is true we need a caution wake turbulence from tower feature.

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It was an experimental feature that accidentally slipped through. It will be removed in the coming hotfix.

Any abuse up until then is strictly frowned upon.