Jet2VirtualAirline Recruitment Event @ EGNX - 211500ZAUG17

Server: Training

Region: London

Airport: EGNX

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: We welcome you to this Jet2VirtualAirline Recruitment Event! Sorry for the short notice. Spawn at EGNX and copy my Flight plan. You will follow me to a destination (EGSS). Please make sure you give enough space to others. Please use your Jet2VirtualAirline Callsign if you are a pilot or staff Member.

Pushback at 1510Z, I will go first will go first

EGNX ATC - @Sam_Jacobs1

EGSS ATC - @JoshBlackie


More gates will be added if needed.

GATE 01 - chris_wing (ME)
GATE 02 - Nick_Wing (maybe)
GATE 03 - Itz_Miri z_Miri
GATE 04 - Samiinsan
GATE 05 - Bananaee
GATE 06 - FDemon
GATE 07 - brianstokesb
GATE 08 - g_tancredi
GATE 09 - Cian_Mcloughlin
GATE 10 - Dubai_lights
GATE 11 - PilotE.E
GATE 12 - Emil_Svanbring
GATE 13 -
GATE 14 -
GATE 15 -


This Event is open again.

How do I join Jet2 VA. I would love to

You can head to our Main thread and read about us and on there, there is our Website

You could join by attending this event too you know? That’s why it’s called “recruitment event”.

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Can I grab a gate please?

Ok you will be gate 3

What fo you mean? We are not waiting for anything

We will park up and fly back to EGNX and for thoughs who don’t want to can finish in EGSS

I might have a gate but I may be 15min late to event

That’s ok i will add you.

Please could I have a gate

Yes you can and you will be gate 05

Can I be ATC at EGSS please?

yes you can i’ll add you now

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Awesome, thanks, should be good!

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