Jet2VirtualAirline Recruitment Event @ EGCC - 271730ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: Europe

Airport: EGCC

Time: 1830Z

NOTAM: We welcome you to this Jet2VirtualAirline Recruitment Event! Sorry for the short notice. Spawn at EGCC and copy @mcfccallum Flight Plan . You will follow me to a destination (LPMA). Please make sure you give enough space to others. Please use your Jet2VirtualAirline Callsign if you are a pilot or staff Member. This Event was organised by one of our Pilots @mcfccallum so please give him some feedback.


Terminal 2 stand 212L: Reserved
Terminal 2 stand 213: Reserved
Terminal 2 stand 214L: Reserved
Terminal 2 stand 215: Reserved
Terminal 2 stand 216L: J9J9T
Terminal 2 stand 217:
Terminal 2 stand 218:
Terminal 2 stand 201:

sign me up :) Little hops are the best!

sorry i put the wrong destination. Please look again and see if you would like to join.

Do you have an ETE of when we will land into Madeira?

Maximum is ETA: 2230Z

Sadly my VA has a flight tonight at 2000Z, so I probably won’t make it to Maderia, however, I will join and see how far I get.

So I will take a gate :)

ok no problem Terminal 2 stand 216L for you

there is a Time change 1730Z

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