Jet2VA Event | Cleared for Takeoff @ EGSS - 011600ZSEP17

Jet2 Thread Pic

Server: Training 1

Region: London

Airport: EGSS

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: We welcome you to this Jet2VirtualAirline Event! Sorry for the short notice. Spawn at EGSS and copy @Nick_Wing flight plan. You will follow Him to a destination (EGBB). Please make sure you give enough space to others. Please use your Jet2VirtualAirline Callsign if you are a pilot or staff Member.

Pushback at 1610Z, I will go first will go first

EGSS ATC - Captain_korah

EGBB ATC - @Joshua_Bayes_Green


More gates will be added if needed.

GATE B20 - chris_wing (ME)
GATE B21 - @Nick_Wing
GATE B22 - Alex_Hancock
GATE B23L - Steven_Snyder
GATE B23R - Zack_Smith
GATE B24L - Harry_Bowles
GATE B25 -
GATE B30 - Avgeektw
GATE B31 -

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Love to be there, can I get a gate,
Many Thanks

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May I have a spot?..

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@Aleks_Hancock GATE B22 and @Steven_Snyder B23R

Thanks @Chris_Wing looking forward to the event

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Any chance I can do ATC?

Nobody has wanted to be ATC yet so you have two choices.

I’d rather do EGBB but I can do both if needed

I will add you for EGBB if that’s fine with you.

Can I have gate B24L please

Or I could do EGSS atc

What would you like to be ?

Gate B24L please thank you

Ok i’ll add you to the list

Hi there I will be up for this, could I have gate 30 pls :)

Also how do I get the flight plans??

Could I have a gate please?

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@Avgeektw yes you can and here is how to copy the flight plan

yes you will be GATE B23R

Awesome thanks!! Will catch you later on!!

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