Jet2 Virtual Airline

In the past some of you may know that I wanted to start a VA. However I did not have enough staff to make that possible. My knew proposal is starting the Jet2 Virtual Airline, the key details are the following:

-Must do at least 1 flight per week
-Free to fly whatever aircraft Jet2 use
-Ranking System only for Codeshare Flights
-Implement Jet2 Aircraft Leases from real life
-Adding and subtracting routes that change with Jet2
-Choose your own Hub
-Choose your own code name (LSVA61)
-Staff also get to run a hub of their choice and do their own events with the pilots from their HUB
-Staff get instant access to all Codeshare Flights

Please give me suggestions if something needs changing or adding. Give me ideas !!!


Sounds interesting.

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Hello @Callum_King

It would first make sense to apply for the VA. The approval process can take a while. This gives you time to build your systems, like crew center, documents, website and a thread.

Here is a link to the whole approval process

A link to apply

Once you have been approved, you can post open staff position here. This should help build your VA team.


I have been doing some flights in the past few weeks so I don’t know if I can like be in the like group thing so I don’t know

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When you hit grade 3 you will be able to join Virtual Airlines as they all run on the expert server :)

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Jet2 VA is a good idea but that airline has been made many times and hasn’t ended in the best way as people loose interest in flying or being staff


It will probably be because of the low amount of aircraft with the livery which is why I thought about no ranking system for the Jet2 flights so no one is stuck in a plane white aircraft

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Alright i am also grade 2 with 81 landings all i need to do is to get 19 more to reach grade 3

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You can just do touch and goes 19 times and you are grade 3 :)

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