JET2 to start flying UK - USA

##JET2 announce flights from East Midlands to America.

What’s everyone’s views on this? Budget airlines pushing the boat out or what!

Main question for me…What are Jet2’ fleet plans if they have; long haul, transatlantic flights booking up!


They are just Christmas flights, they do them from LBA (Leeds Bradford). Mainly for Christmas shopping. They use the 757

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JFK… What! they can afford that?

They have already done this for a few years from LBA.

Also Norwegian fly several routes regularly from UK and mainland Europe to the US.

What aircraft do JET2 use? A JET2 757?!

Yes a 757.

Yeah. I was surprised when I saw a 757 on fr24 a couple years back, flying from LBA to JFK.

Oh so they do!!

What is your opinion on budget Airlines flying these kind of routes?!

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They go to EWR not JFK.

It’s alright for a couple of times a year. Obviously making them a decent profit if they are expanding the Christmas flights

Jet2 used to offer LBA-BOS and GLA-BOS services during the spring of 2014.

Apparently in the summer Bristol Airport should get the Thomson B787 for flights to America!

They fly to EWR from MAN in the winter with a Jet2 holidays B757-200

WOAH. We’re expanding :)

This is great, Jet2 are a decent LCC

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