Jet2 second emergency descent in less than a month..

British airline Jet2com B737-300 flight #LS509 was forced to make a rapid descent and detour to the Rhein-Main international airport in Frankfurt (Germany) following a sudden cabin depressurization.

Is this normal? I’m no expert, but two times in 22 days for the same reason seems a bit over the top?


Definetely some problems with their fleet

Probably not - guarantee it will have some kind of overhaul due to this.

Keep in mind that this is an old aircraft.

Well, basically all of Jet2’s fleet is old. So you can’t say it’s just because if an old aircraft


No they have some 738s :)

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I definitely know who I won’t be flying with, ever. Especially since I’m afraid of flying. Lol. Ironic, i know.


Did I read it was the same aircraft also!! (G-CELI)


That’s quite ironic. Thought droids didn’t have emotion?..


Yes, exact same aircraft :)


This may have been a coincident that the same Jet2 aircraft had to emergency descend because of the same problem.

More like they didn’t fix it properly after the last time. Surprised she’s deemed airworthy so soon after having indications of issues with cabin pressure.


Possibly they found and fixed 1 issue but it wasn’t the one that caused it?

Yeah, that’s true. You think you’ve located it but then it’s back a few days later to bite you.


Why are you afraid of flying?

@ewanfleming why does that matter? Just because the rest of the fleet is old doesn’t mean that it is normal to see this.

It hasn’t happened to any of the other aircraft, so most likely it is something wrong to do with this specific one. This also means that the passengers are more at risk flying with that airline.

Flightradar24 says the plane is 30 years old. :/


Yeah. Maybe it happened to this specific one because… it is old. Maybe it could happen to the rest, maybe a set of coincidences mean that this aircraft was the first to be he, I don’t know. I am just saying that the age of the rest of the fleet is irrelevant.

This happens when you fly old planes like jet2 does

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A lot of Jet2’s fleet is quite old - their 737-300s are 20+ years old, as well as many of their 757-200s, but this wouldn’t stop me from flying with them because this is something that can happen with any airline.

A while ago flybe went through a period when they were in national news left, right and centre because of repeated problems with the Dash 8s that they have - one sat on the ground at BHD for over a month awaiting an engine replacement after an incident, but I’ve flown with them more times than I can be bothered to mention and they’re a great airline, just like Jet2 are. It’s just a shame that these incidents get portrayed as life/death situations…