Jet2 plane flies with only 1 passenger!

Well I’m sure that we’d all love this kind of pampering, but you have to wonder why they didn’t just cancel the flight, even when only 3 passengers originally booked?? But good on Jet2 for getting this lady to where she needed to be…

"While the plane was in the air, Ms Grieve said that the captain addressed her by name from the cockpit.
She said: "Every time she made an announcement she said, ‘Hi there Karon, you’ll see Croatia on your left-hand side’, and then we flew through this amazing lightning storm and she suddenly came on and said, ‘Hi Karon and the girls, quickly run to the other side of the plane and look at this, it’s amazing’.
“It was just surreal”." -Quote from the article


That plane was most likely needed for the next leg…


Jet2 next for insolvency?

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Dang! I wish I could have a whole plane, 3-4 FAs pampering me for a whole flight, and the pilots on a first name basis with me. Better luxury than first class in a full plane.


Who else here would have ran up and down the aisle? (I would have😂)


No. It is not the time of year to fly there . That’s why some flights are not that busy


She won the aviation lottery


Wouldn’t we all love that…


Wow. Great job by Jet2.


That’s actually pretty cool! :)

This reminds me of a flight from Geneva to Zurich on board an Etihad Regional Saab 2000. We were four passengers on board and it really felt like a private jet, I absolutely loved it!


This is quality!

I saw this on the news earlier.
What a dream to be the only one on that plane. Bet she had the time of her life!

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That’s pretty awesome. I’d try out every seat location to get a feel for the aircraft and best viewing angles haha

We’ve had flights where I work that there are only a few extra passengers outside of our team flying, but that would be 25 to 30 people + extra passengers. It’s nice to lay out on a row to sleep


Hope she was upgraded to highest class 😄😁 I would’ve loved that flight.


Imagine this, I would love it!
Saw this article on Google earlier

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I was in a overnight flight once, I think it was from SJU to JFK, we were like 12 in total. A lot of us were laying flat across all 3 seats taking a nap… It was nice.

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I’ve flown on a plane with only 14 passengers on board, does that count? Funny thing is the plane was a CRJ-200 so that’s kind of cheating. 😅


A320 (Lufthansa, how??!!) With 8 total, and my dad and I were 2, the other was a family of 4 and a couple I believe from Frankfurt-Munich, it was amazing cause everyone was in the front and my dad and I were in the back, we talked with a flight attendant for the whole about 30 minutes of flight


I wonder if she was allowed up to the flight deck…Rules are Rules… but who is to see and tell? ;-)


Well according to the article the pilot came down and was talking to her most of the time!

1 passenger? Really? Is this a joke? I’m badly confused…

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