Jet2 Manchester to Madeira

Join me on this leisure flight to the beautiful island of Madeira, departing from the amazing Manchester Airport.

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Route: Manchester (EGCC/MAN) to Funchal (LPMA/FNC)

Server: Training

Flight time: 3h22’

Flight level: FL230/FL330

Aircraft: JET2 B737-800

Load: Y180 + 2410kg bags

First photo is all about the wingflex!

The aircraft was really heavy and led to a VR of 154knots, rotating really close to the end of the runway.

Really wished there was more traffic at MAN!

Turning left over the city of Stockport!

Picture with the now old 737 cockpit, on approach to Madeira. Due to wind, we had to land on the less popular RWY23.

Touchdown, trying to maintain centerline.

Finally, some traffic inbound from Porto!


Nice pictures! Are you from Manchester or why do you know the location that well?


I live nearby!

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