Jet2/Jet2Holidays - UK Airline


Hopefully I can get some support around this!

It would be great to have more of the Jet2 liveries on the aircraft in IF.

Jet2 livery on their new A321 would be great and also adding the Jet2Holidays livery to the B738, B757, A321 would be fantastic.

It would also be great to have the Jet2 livery added to their A330, this aircraft is used in summer from their Manchester base for popular flights (such as Tenerife, Faro, Malaga etc).

Hopefully people will support me with this request, Jet2 are a major holiday airline in the UK based at Leeds Bradford and have expanded rapidly the past 10 years and they need more exposure on IF.



Pretty sure there is already a vote for the A321 & 757.

The 737 livery has been added to the pipeline as Dan confirmed it.

The A330 is the -200 variant we currently have the -300 also the livery isn’t permanent as it’s leased by Air Tanker.

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It seems that one of the liveries will be added soon

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