Jet2 Holidays livery request

Hi there, suggestions for new livery. Very common in the UK and mainly seen on the B738 B752 and A321

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Hi, this should be in #features but I believe you need to be trust level 2 for that. Keep liking and positing and you’ll soon get there!

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Exactly what Oliver said.
btw You might want to close this topic now before you get slammed with more comments :)

What can I actually post then

You can post #features requests when you get to Trust Level 2 (Member) status.

Just keep being active here on the forum, commenting, liking posts and you will get there.

As a TL1, you can post #live:groupflights topics among others, other most of the major categories, besides #general and #live are restricted to TL2.

Just to let you know, there are already feature requests for the livery. Feel free to add you vote to them.