Jet2 Holidays Livery 737-800

I would like to request a livery for Jet2, Jet2 are a low cost budget airline that are based at Leeds-Bradford airport in England, however, they fly to many different destinations around Europe and they even fly to New York every winter, there fleet consists of a few variations of the 737 and the 757

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Looks basically like an Allegiant 737-8 lol. The sun and blue color on the tail and wings are very similar to that on the Allegiant A320


I know but it’s my fav airline so I’m requesting it

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I remember seeing the -300 variant at Barcelona El Pratt. (Or it looked like a -300.) looked like Allegiant haha.

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Nice, I would’ve done the request for the other variants but didn’t because we don’t have have them

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I want it but I don’t have a vote left. And I am not willing to remove other votes

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Fair enough, I’m always stuck with that situation

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Seems like an Allegiant airlines version of Jet2


Lol I know, still requesting it…

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