Jet2 Holidays A321

Credit Martin off Flickr

Jet2 recently got delivered there first A321 which was Condor D-ATCD. This aircraft is belived to be based at Manhester and Birmingham during the summer.

Why should we have this?
We only have 1 Jet2 livery which is the silver B737-800 and most people would agree the Hoildays livery looks better and more noticable.

Leave a vote and share your opinions.

Photo will be updated when a better photo is released

Not gonna lie they swiped this livery from Allegiant.


I was just about to say that…

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Well, I guess the school chromebook types faster than whatever device you are on.


Ouhhhh hahahha made my day 😂

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Jet2 Holidays livery = Allegiant

Copa livery = United


The reasoning behind that whacky livery is back in the day Jet2 leased a couple of 757s that were destined for Allegiant, and were painted in their colors. Allegiant then differed their order for the planes and never took them.
Then some higher up at Jet2 decided that the Allegiant livery with Jet2 Decals looked nice and it stuck


CO had a stake in CM back in the day and CM adopted the Gold and Globe as a way of representing the relationship.
UAL has since sold the shares but it will be interesting to see what CM will do now that UA has moved on to the EvoBlue livery.

I mean Jet2 hoildays livery deserves a vote but personally i believe Allegiant ripped them off

If anything, Jet2 ripped Allegiant off.

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It’s the other way around, G4 got ripped off by JET2

Im not gonna get into an argument but i dont know everything about how the livery happened


In all seriousness is there something behind this like there is with Copa, and United?


Read the post I quoted and you’ll find out.

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Ya, just saw it, what did you expect me to do, read before I asked… 😂

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I was replying to @Zak_Plant

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Oh, well that works too 😂

Sorry about the mix up…

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Just Voted doe this I think this livery suits the A321 very well I personally like this scheme and this addition will also expand the British Holliday flight options in infinite flight

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