Jet2 holidays 757-200 too low!

Are there any Air Force bases that it could have been using or just a fly by?

No airforce bases either, it must have just been a fly by

We get planes at Townsville on final, and they’re about 500ft above where my mother and father live. The engine noise is alright, you get used to it, as the jets that operate (737’s, A320/A321’s, F100’s, ERJ-135/145, ERJ-170’s, Q400’s and sometimes a 757) are quite small. The things you worry about is the C-17’s, C-5’s, A330’s, A340’s.

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Are you sure there is no Airbase you don’t know about?

Continuing on, if you want to watch a landing of TSV watch this videoed by a local TSV Man. This video is of a Jetstar A320 landing.

(Not my Video)

Just this afternoon (australia time) i was waiting for my train when a ups md-11 comes in really low the train station shook and it was dropping fast in the starboard bank/turn one of my friends got scared and ran to the next station because it is rare to get a low flying 3 engined md-11

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My aunt lives under the final approach for 32 at LBA they are about 400-800 Feet AGL

I am 100% certain, I live in Ireland and I know the location of virtually every AFB and Commercial Airport in the country, (and there are none near me)

Aircraft in to Leeds come in no lower than any aircraft at any other airport. They are on the same kind of glideslope as elsewhere. The gliddeslope is 3% for 32 and 3.5% for 14. They would be at 1000ft AAL at about 3nm out.