Jet2 holidays 757-200 too low!

Hi, I was about to launch infinite flight when I heard a jet engine. I always look at the plane when I hear one flying over, so I went to the window expecting to see a military jet or helmed or something, but to my surprise, a jet2 757-200 was flying at only about 1000 feet and I was shocked. I knew it was heading to Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA/EGNM) but that is about 15 miles away from where I live. I am really confused as to why it was so low. Does anyone know any reason why?

I had a similar experience when a Jet2 737 flew at about 500 feet over my school with its gear down and my school is about 16 miles away?!

It would be nice if someone could explain why the plane(s) flew so low.

Thanks, Freddiefrogs.


Check flightradar24. I doubt either the 757 or 737 were at 1000ft or 500ft 15/16 miles from the airport.

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Trust me they were!

Trust me they were not. As I said check flightradar24 and come back when you find the truth.

Actually for my own amusement tell me what time this was and I will look now.

Landed and dissapeard now

Bout 5-10 mins ago

Right I presume it was LS444 Jet2 757 from HER

The flight path looks pretty normal, it wasn’t flying at 1.000 ft until it was on final.

Looking at the track now. Where do you live so I can check the aircraft height above where you are?

Don’t want to say sorry, but I got a bit carried away it was about 4,000. I was confused because VERY rarely they fly that way in and I got a bit excited.

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Sorry, I exaggerated.

Don’t worry, no need to apologise.

Landings on runway 14 which means they come in over Otley rather than the city centre which is for a 32 approach.

Anyway even over Otley with only 2-3 miles from touchdown FR24 is showing it at over 2000ft.

But almost always when 14 is in use they enter right downwind so I am still a bit confused

Seemed lower than it was. I got exited because it’s WAY better than seeing a Cessna every day.

Depends which direction they are coming from though. I am sure coming in from AMS before on to 14 we have approached from the left side. Right downwinds are used for arrivals from the south though.

Which it was!

Sorry if I’m coming across as rude. Not intentional.

A Ryanair 737 800 flew over my house at around 3000ft, and I live a good 60-75 miles away from the nearest airport😄 I can only assume there was an air show on near by (especially seeing as there was a hot air balloon flying over 5 minutes later) by the way this was about 3 years ago.

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