Jet2 finally orders new 737-800s

Did not see this coming.

Jet2 orders 27 factory fresh 737-800s for delivery in the next couple years.

Sorry I can’t post the link-Copy paste function on my phone is broken. This screenshot should give all the info you need:

What do you think these planes will be used for? Replacing older 757-200s and 737-800s or finishing off the 737-300s (God forbid).


They have such an old fleet. That’s what putts me off them. They’re constantly one step behind. For example While they are preparing to take one 737-800’s Monarch are preparing to take on the new 737-MAX8

Cheers :) ;)

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I didn’t think Jet2 even got that much business, i thought it was kinda like a less used “Spirit” airline of the UK

Jet2 is an interesting cookie.

It’s a holiday airline and makes lots of $ transporting travelers to vacation destinations by day, and some of its aircraft cargo by night

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intersting haha, good to hear that they do pretty good, Wouldn’t want to see another livery like Jet2 go under or merge. Not only does it create hell for the employees but theres less diversity when we plane spot as well haha

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Mergers are horrible. Jet2 has a nice livery and I hope to someday get their livery.

Some liveries have become like house sparrows when planespotting and I get so sick of the boring stream of (In my case) Delta and jetBlue. I sudder every time I see an A320.

I have a feeling you guys have the same feeling for Jet2 737s though 😀