Jet2 Circuit Flight back in April @ EGSS

Good morning!

Back in April I think the 10th, I went to London Stansted Airport EGSS/STN (my local airport just 20-25 minutes up the road from me) and back then as you could imagine, there wasn’t anything really going anywhere, apart from some planes going up in the air for a quick circuit (maintenance check flight) I think it’s called!

Below is a picture I took of a Jet2 737-8MG going up for a quick circuit before landing again…

Flight details

Callsign: Channex 51HG (EXS51HG)

Route: London Stansted (EGSS) → London Stansted (EGSS)

Date: 10/04/2021

Time photo taken: 11:29BST (1029Z)

Flight time: 14min

Aircraft info

Airframe: Boeing 737-8MG (B738)


Airline: Jet2

Livery: Red tail (Friendly Low Fares)

MSN: 63157

Mode S: 40717D

Engines: 2x CFM56-7B26E

Seat config: Y189

First flight: 01/10/2017

Age: 3.9 years


Great picture! I especially like that you managed to catch the strobe light, which is always a very cool thing to have :) Thanks for sharing!

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