Jet2 Across Europe

For todays flight I wanted to return to my favourite route, Birmingham to Alicante, this is the first flight I have ever been on in my life and it was amazing, except the airline I flew with was Monarch, but for this flight I of course wanted to see the new 737 cockpit so I decided to fly with Jet2. Other than the extreme lag my device had to deal with, which is the first time I have ever had lag issues in IF, I had a nice departure out of runway 15 to a cruising altitude of 36,000ft, the same cruising alt as the one from my IRL flight. However for unknown reasons, when crusing over France the game crashed, being the first time IF has ever crashed for me, but hey, I still got some nice screenshots ;)

Flight Info: Training Server / 00:25 / EGBB - LEAL

Birmingham Departure

Heading out of England

Crusing over France

And crashed…