Jet2 A330-200

They NEVER operated the A330-200F at all.

In the end, its what the majority wants or what the devs think would “cool”

Anyways, let’s get back on topic for this livery request.

Transaero is near or is bankrupt they folded with 747-8 orders meaning they will not have them delivered so technically there is a livery in infinite flight that is on a plane transaero does not own or have on order

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I’m pretty sure it was bought by Aeroflot and they most likely will cancel the orders however the planes were ordered along with the A380 the only reason why it probably was added was due to the lack of operators as said by @Lare [quote=“Lare, post:6, topic:34141, full:true”]
Jet2 doesn’t have orders for the A330 while Transaero had for the 747-8. Also there was a lack of liveries for the 747-8 but there isn’t for the A330. That’s why they added the Transaero livery.

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