Jet2 A330-200 (AirTanker) Livery


The A330 rework is coming so I am posting a livery
Jet2 leases 2 A330-200 variants on and off for use at Manchester because of the higher passenger numbers. I would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight. The livery itself is pretty basic so it is not going to be as complex to make as some of the other A330 liveries


Unfortunately the -200 won’t come with the rework

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Hey, so I see you have two pictures in this topic… one of the rules for the #features category is that you can only have one picture per request. I’d say take out any picture you want but keep your favorite 😉.

Anyways it’s a nice livery but unfortunately we won’t see it with the A330 rework as this is only for the -300 variant. We might see it in the future though so don’t lose hope 🙂