Jet2 894 squawking 7700

LS894 from Malaga to Manchester is squawking 7700. It appears to be on the ground, near to, but not at the airport. I’ll update with further developments.


What’s the difference between squaking 7600 and 7700 just out of curiosity because I have this app also

7600 is radio failure, 7700 is general emergency :)


Could genral emergency include anything? (Besides radio failure)

Medical emergency onboard, landed safely.


Yes it could

Squak 7500 HIJACKED

Squawk 7500- Hijacking
Squawk 7600- Radio failure
Squawk 7700- General emergency

7400 and 7800?

Prayers!! I hope everything is okay

Dude, this was 14 days ago lmao 😂

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So? Just because time passes doesn’t mean the hurt passes. If families involved were injured things could go army. Injuries take time to heal (said from a very wise sage)

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ha ha that was 14 days ago

It was just a sick passenger who later recovered.

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