jet streams over the pacific ocean!

i am experiencing over 120 kt winds at FL220! my B777 is shaking ;.;

wish me luck around 1 hour away from tokyo departed from San Francisco,.

Why are you cruising at 22000ft?

Also what server r u on?

i was at FL360 decided to descent to FL220

training server

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Why may I ask?

Also I cannot find you - what your username and what aircraft?

Yeahhh why!
That’s not going to help your fuel

i like to descent a bit earlier with a comfortable vertical speed as i am getting close to my destination!

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How close r u to San Francisco

my plane is barely burning fuel tho! i think the winds are doing the opposite?!

How long till you get to San Francisco. I still cannot find you on liveFLight

How fast were you going? Sometimes low speeds can be impacted more by the winds.

i think you misunderstand, i am heading to tokyo, i departed from San Francisco

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Hello @MGM1, What is your Infinite Flight display name?

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above 300+ kt and 450+ gs

the winds speed is going down now as i am getting closer! it’s went down from 120 kt to 107 in like 10 minutes

Ahh found you - you are MGM1 correct?

You are still 1 hour and 300NM from your destination - IRL pilots don’t start their descent until 90-130NM (roughly 20 minutes) before their destination

Yes exactly I only start my decent at 125nm from the airport.

Yes, start the descent at arount 20-30 min ETE.

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yeah that’s me, this is my first long haul flight so i am a bit nervous cause the last time i checked there was crosswinds at the runaways but they are gone now.

oh thanks for the info! will definitely keep that in mind for future flights ^_^

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Can someone move this to support? I feel it would be better.

No, support is just for technical problems with the app.


Sorry I guess I had a misconception of it haha. But where would it belong? Just in general?