Jet Speed Limits Reminder

In the past month or so I have been controlling and have had quite a few people who think it’s ok to contact me on Approach at +500 knots. There is a reason for ghosting people called “excessive speed in an airport environment” (something like that). I therefore tell people to “check help pages on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions” then proceed to ghost them. If the jet is going between 300-400 knots then I say, “Do not exceed 250 knots” to get them slowed to the speed of the aircraft around them.

This has been the main reason for ghosting people when I am operating an approach or TGA. I just want to bring this topic up to remind all pilots in the Expert server that just because you are in a jet doesn’t mean you can go full blast anywhere.

You need to realize that just because it is a jet and it can go full throttle out of an airport and reach 1k + knots in a matter of seconds you should do that. You should act as you are flying a B737 or an A320. Once you are out of the ATC airspace then they can not govern over you anymore and you are free to do what you want.


APPR: 50nm out and up to FL180 AGL
Tower: 25nm out and up to 10,000 AGL

This is just a friendly reminder to all those jet lovers!

Ethan H (your favorite Ethan)


I remember one day when I was controlling EPWA, I had a fighter jet through my airspace at over 1000kts (got up to ~1400 before I ghosted) and he requested a few transitions at incorrect transition altitudes.

Nice friendly reminder, Ethan! :)



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