Jet Race @ KNUC - 160900ZJAN17

Sever: Training Server 1.

Airport: KPSP to KNUC.

Aircraft: Any( But I suggest you take a fighter jet).

Time :1:00 pm Western time.

NOTAM: Since I can actually make events now, I have decided we have a race. When I announce (or request) takeoff for the SECOND time, we will takeoff. Climb above 10,000ft to avoid violations, and be sure to slow down when descending into KNUC. Have fun!!!

Please use proper event format for your title:-)

Oh gosh…
Please check how to make an event (tutorial) on the forums tutorials section.

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Please use the correct title and format for your events.


OK I will. Thanks 😃

Fixed it. What do you think?

Great! Definately better.😎🇦🇺

Was my first time making an event that’s why it was bad at first.

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Although you should change it to casual server where there are no violations so we can go as fast as we want under 10000ft.

Fixed it even more for you , now it is perfect !

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Thanks Josh.

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Please let me know if you are coming

Yeah, I will probably come.

I will be there with my 22

I’ll be there in my Bush plane.

Lol it’s a 115NM trip that will take an hour

Also I’ll find some gates for us

Parking will be GA C01-GA C10

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5 minutes til the Race!!!

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