Jet Race @ KISP - 111700ZMAR17

Server: Casual

Region: New York Region

Airport: KISP

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Hey all! For this event, I decided to spice things up a bit. We are going to hop in any fighter jet and race across the New York Region. We are going to take off at MacArthur Airport on Long Island and then fly southwest to New Jersey for touch&goes at KWRI, then fly north to the Hudson Valley area of New York and land at KSWF. There will be prizes for the people who come in the first 3 places! *


You are to respect other contestants.
You are to follow the created flight plan, taking any shortcut is not allowed.
Cruising altitude: no higher than 15,000 feet above MSL
At KISP, everyone should taxi to the runway together, and do not takeoff until everyone gets to the runway.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be instantly disqualified! Please follow the rules so you don’t ruin the event for those who just want to have fun.


Judge 1 (flies with the contestants to make sure rules are being followed) : @CannedAviation
Judge 2 (flies with the contestants to make sure rules are being followed) : @This_is_the_longest
Judge 3 (spawns at KSWF to see who the 3 winners are) : @Jose_Luiz

If you wish to be a judge reply below!

Spawn at gate A01 at KISP: @RTG113
Spawn at gate A02 at KISP: @Shawn_Coleman
Spawn at gate A03 at KISP: @Dossym_Makhanov
Spawn at gate A04 at KISP: @Bobby_Buffington
Spawn at gate A05 at KISP: @Jeffrey1o2
Spawn at gate A06 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A07 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A08 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A09 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A10 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A11 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A12 at KISP: Open
Spawn at gate A13 at KISP: Open

Reply below for a gate assignment. More gates will be added if needed!

Flight Plan:

It can be copied from me (callsign N113RG) as well.

Some local times the event will be hosted at:

USA EST Time: 12:00 PM Saturday March 11th
USA PST Time: 9:00 AM Saturday March 11th
England GMT Time: 5:00 PM Saturday March 11th
Australia AEDT time: 4:00 AM Sunday March 12th

I encourage you guys to take screenshots!
I’m looking forward to this event, hope to see you there!



One thing, maybe add the waypoints as well so the contestants’ flight plan isn’t different from yours ;)
But sweet event! I’ll try and make it!


That’s one sharp turn xD


How is this a race exactly? If we have to be at the same altitude, speed, and route as everyone else, then how is that a race?


If I am able to make it, I may help take pictures and fly in a C-130 and then post them here, if it’s okay with you @RTG113

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But right now I am not garunteeing I will be able to make it.

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I did not say that you HAVE to go 800 knots…? I said maximum 800 knots. Read my post fully next time

And plus, I’m pretty sure that an important feature of ANY race is a set route… It’s that way so people don’t cheat and take shortcuts.

Are we allowed to go faster than 250 knots below FL100?

As it is on casual server, yes

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Ok I will think about it. I will let you know if I join 2h or 1h before it starts ;)

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This is still a problem dude. You can set a minimum speed, but it’s kinda hard to set a maximum speed in a race. The whole point is to go faster than the rest of the competition. The only reason I brought up fixed route is that would be a way to set a maximum speed, is to leave the route open to all the pilots, and see who picks the fastest route. But having a maximum speed, AND a route, will just result in a line of aircraft. If I’m flying against an F-22 doing 800, and I’m a half mile back also doing 800, I have no hope of catching him


You made a point, I will change it

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Sorry to the entire community but I’m taking home the title lol

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Hey can I get a gate?

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Could I get judge 3? I’m not sure I will be available but I’m fairly certain I can make it work

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I am interested in being the judge 3. What should I do to be judge 3? Thank you in advance for understanding

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Add me please too…

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Just spawn at KSWF to see who lands first (who wins)

Hey guys, I’ve changed the event date to next Saturday to allow time for more people to join. If nobody joins by then we will still go ahead with the event. @Shawn_Coleman @Dossym_Makhanov @Jose_Luiz @Bobby_Buffington

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I’m coming
yeet yeet

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