Jet photos

Hello my friend was trying to upload a photo onto jet photos and I was wondering how to get the photo to jpeg

So I don’t know? But you guys maybe know

Do you have an app like Photoshop? That is what I use for all my image conversions

Yes he does


Okay. Open the image -> File -> Save As. Convert it from the dropdown there

@Cameron_Stone I’m confused

Are you using a mobile device for Photoshop or a computer?

Since your friend is using photoshop, here is how to save it as .jpg.

Take this picture for example, @Cameron_Stone has already explained it, but I will upload some pictures to help




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It is for mobile device

Oh. I don’t know how to do it on mobile. Hopefully someone else can help, if it’s possible.

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This might do it:

My friend will try that

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