Jet photos for Infinite Flight

Hi guys, I just thought I would share this thought with you all, you guys all know jet photo’s right? What if there was a jet photo’s for Infinite Flight, these photos could also come up on live flight. Let me know what you think.

Sounds like a great idea, #screenshots-and-videos is sort of like that, but I remember @USA_ATC starting something for photos in IF like jet photos but it died out.

Maybe live flight could just pick and choose photos in the S&V category and have the @ of the people on the photo


I don’t want it unless it has the same acceptance ratio.

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Topic changed, and that is a great Idea

I can’t tell if thats a joke?

That’s not a joke, make it the same acceptance ratio and I’m joining it. Where’s the fun otherwise?

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Very true.

This was @USA_ATC’s idea:

Also, I’ve changed it back to #general as it does not meet the requirements of #screenshots-and-videos :)


Thanks, and sorry

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