Jet Bridges


I’m confused as to if the new jet bridges only work on certain aircraft, I have spawned into many different airports now that received the addition of animated jet bridges in various aircraft but the option for them doesn’t pop up.

If I could get some clarification or some help to this it would be appreciated.


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Could you provide specific cases of this? Airport, gate, aircraft?

I spawned into PHX and DEN in both 737 and 777 aircraft and the jet bridges feature would not pop up or however it is.

trying different gates as well

This is occurring with your engines off and the Ground Services menu doesn’t allow you to connect bridges?

If you have auto engine start enabled, the bridges won’t connect with engines running.

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My bad

I had updated the app on my phone but forgot on my iPad

I’m updating the app now 😅

My apologies, this can be closed, thanks for the help.