Jet Bridges

Tested the jetways on the a380, however one of the jetways went thru the aircraft? 🤨


Hmmm you were maybe to close to it

I believe that this is something that is inevitable given that the fuselage has a geometry that is not seen on any other aircraft.


I had some slight clipping with a jet bridge at DXB using the A380, but it wasn’t that bad

This has no bearing on the way the jetbridges behave. It is either docked to the aircraft the way that it is, or it doesn’t allow you to dock the jet bridge.

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Ok. Didnt know that

It cant be. The system now has the ability to tell you where to go.

I know that but it could happen, it happened to me in Amsterdam

Looks pretty good at the home base I must say!


Same with the A350


I think this is an issue because the canopy doesn’t move yet


Ok I see there is no doors that open on the A350

Technically the cargo doors open

True but not as cool as the doors

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I see the slight opening tho.

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That does seem to be an error. Perhaps the A380’s second door placement (that the jetbridge focuses on) is a little off?

Looks like the jetbridge should be backed up a few feet…

You’re right, people listen here, the canopy hasn’t been animated yet.

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