Jet bridges not connecting to B772 at KSFO gate F13

The jet bridges are not connecting to the B772 at KSFO gate F13.

I am having no issues connecting the jetbridges at that gate with the 777-200

Maybe you are too far back?

Make sure your parking brake is set and the beacon lights are off. I connected to that gate as well and it worked just fine for me.

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When spawning. I have not tried it when arriving at the gate.

This was done spawning into the stand

Hi, @Adam_R!

You are likely on a different build of San Fransisco, which is why you are having issues, and others cannot reproduce it.

If you encounter something like this from here on out, ask/report in the server, not on the forum.


I’m not Adam, but how do you do that?

If you’re not in airport editing, none of that information applies to you. Report airport issues through the forum.


SFO is being revamped, right?

Indeed it is, hopefully it should come out soon™ because the model we have now isn’t great tbh

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