Jet Bridges not connecting in replay mode

Version Information

22.1 (1498)

Device Information

iPad 8th Gen, iPadOS 15.4


Launching the replay of a easyJet A320 parked at Gatwick and wanting to get a screenshot of the jet bridges connected. The jet bridges did not land up connecting

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch Infinite Flight.
  • Start a flight in the easyJet A320 at gate 101.
  • Connect the Jet bridges
  • Once all is connected leave the session
  • Open the replay file
  • You will see it does not connect

Expected results

That the jet bridges connect to the aircraft.

Actual results

They do not move and stay put in place.

More Information

No more information to give.


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This is intentional right now, jet bridge animations are only supported in flight


Ahhh. Thank you, Cameron! Was a bit confused for a second.

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