Jet Bridges drawing

This one is for Philippe and @carmalonso :

Should we draw the little half building/jet bridge thing that is between the the building and the normal jet bridge?

PS: See why we need red lines now? XD


Not every airport has this though. At KJFK, that is still part of the jet bridge

Nick, I believe Philippe has been quite clear about this.
No jetbridges - if it is above ground and not a permanent line then it is not to be included

I do not know why Philippe is recommending that currently we do not include jet bridges or I also believe is reluctant for us to add cross hatch lines. He has his reasons and we must put our trust in his judgement.


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I’d say you can draw the outline of the smaller building as part of the terminal; I wouldn’t say it is of great importance though.

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No speculation or anything, but I’m guessing the reason they don’t want jet bridges is because real jet bridges (and with that, probably 3D buildings) will exist soon. The only thing they need is 3D data, like what Nick posted above.


So Will there come 3D buildings?

Are we allowed to comment on this thread? I thought it was only for devs.


I think we are allowed because I can add a reply

Yes, @AF330 and @DS2001. This is only for the developers and some other stuff ;)

It’s a public category now, but we would appreciate that you only comment if you are a developer or are in touch with a developer that needs your input. Nick’s pictures are a perfect example.

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Oke What do you mean with other stuff?

No airport editors

yes but the question here was of what coubts as jetbridge in my pic ;)

Nick reading Cameron’s note yesterday suggested all of it. That was what I took. He did say you could add the small projection leading to the actual jet bridge however I think he said that he did not see it of high importance. Hope this helps.


Yeah I read it too ;) In my opinion it indeed is of great importance.

There you have your answer. If you feel it needs to stay and Cameron said it was ok then…