Jet Bridges at MHTG

Hi there, there is an issue with the jet bridges at MHTG. I tried to put the jet bridge on the aircraft and the jet bridge moves, but it doesn’t connect to the aircraft. I’ve tried several times but it doesn’t work.

The maximum point the jet bridge moves

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Hey Jose,

I’ve located the issue of the jetbridges at this airport and have forwarded it to the editor. This will be fixed in the next update.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Yes, this is also the case at KCLT and KJFK

The issues in regards to the jet bridges at KCLT and KJFK are known and are being worked on and fixed internally.

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Thank you so much! Now it can be closed

Jet bridges didnt come to KJFK in this update.

Just to clear up some confusion to those who may not know. Be sure to see it in a future update when it is ready to be shipped.

Hope you have a great Weekend and enjoy the update everyone !!

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