Jet bridges at JFK

I can’t seem to get the jetways to attach at JFK. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug?

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We need some more information to understand your issue

  • What aircraft are you using?
  • What gate are you parked at?
  • Are you getting an error message or is the button greyed out?



I tried a crj 900 at terminal 4b gates 47 through 51 and a 737-800 at gate terminal 4b gates 35 and 37.

I got an error message saying no nearby jet bridges.

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I think JFK is one of the airports where stand guidance has not yet been implemented :(

I have the same problem. It tried with 777 and A330 series in terminal 4 and it says “No jet bridges available nearby”


It looks like the jetbridges need a bit of adjusting for smaller aircraft like the CRJ. If you move forward a bit, it should work, but I’ll make a note of this so it can be fixed.

Thanks for the report!

Able to replicate on larger aircraft as well as CRJ

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JFK was one of the airports that wasn’t updated with animated jetbridges due to other issues at the airport preventing the airport update to be pushed to the public.

It will be worked on hopefully released with animations soon.


has this been released cause i didn’t saw it in the preview?

aslo how many airports have this feature

There’s a list of all the airports on the 22.1 blog page

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Then they should change the error message to say that the airport doesn’t have animations.

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JFK isn’t listed as having animated jet bridges.

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I’m having this issue at the moment, but @Elliot_003 is correct, it wasn’t one of the airports that came with it. I’m parked at Terminal 4B Gate 33 with a 737-800 and yeah nothing seems to be working here.

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