Jet bridge problem

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the jet bridges connecting? I have had no problem with them connecting in the last week, and all of a sudden today it keeps saying there are “no available jet bridges near by.” I have no engines on and the parking break is set so I’m not sure why they’re not connecting, someone please help.

There are a certain number of airports that have stand guidance or animated jet bridges, what airport are you experiencing this at?

When I landed at JFK from LHR they weren’t connecting there, then I went to Boston to see if it was just that airport having the problem and Boston wasn’t working as well.

From what I know, JFK has been noted for this issue, and when I checked Boston, I was able to connect the bridges.

What gate at Boston and with what aircraft type?

Terminal B gate 24

I was using the a220

I am able to connect the jet bridges, when trying to connect, I turn on the APU before trying to connect, can you try that?

I was able to connect even without apu

I had already tried connecting with the apu on once before and it did nothing. I just tried again and the problem is fixed thank you!

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Would just like to add, JFK didnt come with jet bridges in this update, it isnt an issue. Im glad you could fix it at Boston !! JFK will be in a future release

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