Jet bridge on CRJ

Seems like we’re being a bit dramatic here over a set of doors?

As we’ve said multiple times by now, this is a very early V1. Internal discussions about iterations on this are already ongoing and feedback provided Community is taken into account for that of course.

The baseline reason for many of the individual door actions being removed was simplification. The more actions available = higher the risk for something to go “wrong”. To be fair, we’ve already seen that with both pushbacks as well as connecting GSE.

No need to panic people, we’re seeing what your posting ;)


Ill send you an NFT of a box of chocolates as emotive compensation for my intoxicated ramblings in my prior post.


I wouldn’t call it “dramatic” thats your subject opinion to call attention to this issue . Operating all functions as before 22.4 is important to some, certainly myself.

Is it possible to have full control as before AND the service equipment auto door interaction as it is now?

Why when community members voice concerns, opinions, ideas likes and dislikes is there often this “attidude” in the words chosen by moderators to look down or appear annoyed at comments
not always but frequently…my observation only

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Not in any way. But as you said - subjective opinion i guess :)

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Its just wording…🙂

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